Discussion of Scarlet Fever Outbreak at School

May 2, 1881

Richard Henry Pratt reports that a scarlet fever outbreak as occurred at the Carlisle Indian School. Pratt notes that there has been an outbreak in the borough of Carlisle for the past three months during which he has instituted a quarantine for the last two months including removing his own children from the local schools.

Pratt indicates that his ability to effectively treat the outbreak is hampered by the lack of a proper hospital and he has since placed the patients in the farmhouse removed from the rest of the school population. He notes that it might be better to pay for skilled labor to build the new hospital rather than using the school apprentices in order to more quickly have access to adequate facilities.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 17, 1881-#7294
Discussion of Scarlet Fever Outbreak at School