Descriptive Statements of Changes in School Employees, September 1890 (1)

September 2-3, 1890

Captain Richard Henry Pratt submits a report that lists all of the employees at the school for the 1890-1891 fiscal year (A. J. Standing, Fordyce Grinnell, C. H. Hepburn, L. A. Bender, E. L. Fisher, Emma A. Cutter, Anna L. Hamilton, M. E. B. Phillips, Anna S. Luckenbach, Mary H. Cooks, Fanny G. Paull, Della F. Botsford, Clara C. McAdam, Rachel A. Stanton, Lydia L. Hunt, M. Wood, C. A. Merritt, Florence M. Carter, Jennie Dubray, Rosa Bonrassa, Lydia Flint, N. J. Campbell, Henry S. Bear, Annie B. Moore, W. P. Campbell, A. S. Ely, M. Burgess, J. B. Given, B. M. Thomas, Yamie Leeds, Lydia E. Dittes, Mary E. Campbell, Lida B. Given, A. M. Worthington, Jane R. Dawson, E. Corbett, Lizzie C. Jacobs, Katie Grindrod, Alice M. Kabrook, O. T. Harris, H. Gardner, A. Woods Walker, T. S. Reighter, George W. Kemp, W. H. Morrett, Phil Norman, Fisk Goodyear, B. F. Bennett, Oliver Harlan, Anna F. Bennett, Fanny D. Noble, Clara Anthony, Samuel A. Jordan, Isaac Ferrey, Chester P. Cornelius, Annie R. Jordan, R. M. Jamison, Nancy A. Jordan, Catherine L. Thompson, A. M. Cheney, Edwin Schanandore, Joseph B. Harris, Levi St. Cyr).

In an explanatory cover letter, Pratt states that Assistant Laundress Catherine L. Thompson and Dining Room A. M. Cheney are the only newly nominated employees while everyone else has been working at the school.

This is the first of three descriptive statements from September 1890.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 656, 1890-27089
Descriptive Statements of Changes in School Employees, September 1890 (1)