1908 Commencement Program

April 2, 1908

This program was distributed for the 1908 Commencement Exercises, which took place on Thursday, April 2nd. Inside features a portrait of Moses Friedman, the Superintendent, Francis E. Leupp, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Charles H. Dickson, the Supervisor-in Charge, as well as a portrait of the Class of 1908. Included is a full schedule of the commencement exercises, which began on the previous Sunday, March 29th. The graduating class is listed, along with their nation. Additionally, the program includes a list of students are being awarded an Industrial Certificate in various trades. The class motto is "Excelsior", and the class colors are Red and Blue. Additionally, there is a picture of the grounds of the school. A graduation song is printed at the end of the program, and lyrics to the song "America" are printed on the back cover.

Note: Herman P. Hauser is also known as Peter Hauser.

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1908 Commencement Program