The Images section features photographs, postcards, and different types of artwork, as well as reproductions of images that appeared in newspapers, magazines, and other publications. These images all reflect the Carlisle Indian School students, facilities, and staff. Images available here are drawn from files housed at the U. S. National Archives, from collections of Carlisle Indian School materials housed at various archival repositories, and from a variety of published sources. Visitors to this website are also invited to share copies of photographs from their own personal and family collections; please contact us if you have images you would like to contribute.

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Studio portrait of Sheldon Jackson (left), Harvey Townsend (center), and John Shields (right), all wearing native clothing. 

Studio portrait of Mary Ealy (standing at left), Jennie Hammaker (standing at right), Frank Cushing (sitting at left), and Taylor Ealy (sitting at right), all wearing native clothing. 

The printed caption on the reverse side reads:

No 20.   
Teai-e-se-u-lu-ti-wa - Frank Cushing.

Tra-wa-ea-tsa-lun-kia - Saylor Ealy.
Tsai au-tit-sa - Mary Ealy.
Jan-i-uh-tit sa - Jennie Hammaker.
 - Pueblos. 

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has two copies of this image: PA-CH1-044a and CS-CH-068.

Studio portrait of Lucy Black Shortnose wearing a school-issued print dress.

Studio portrait of Hugh (Running Horse) wearing school uniform. 

Studio portrait of Left Hand and his son, U.S. Grant (Grant Left Hand). Grant is wearing a school uniform.

Studio portrait of two men in native clothing, probably visiting chiefs, and a third wearing a suit. 

Indian School students Amos Lone Hill, Joseph Gun, Philip (Kills), Ellwood Dorian, Carlos, Walter Matches, Oscar Bull Bear, and Ralph Iron Eagle Feather and staff members Samuel Wetzel and E.B. Strait working on the roof of one of the school buildings.

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has two copies of this image: CS-CH-096 and 14-07-02.

Posed portrait of eight female students, presumably kitchen staff, and one staff member in the dining room with set tables.

Note: Three of these students are identified as Eva Pickard, Anna Laura, and Anna Raven.

Students Samuel High Bear and Guy (Bear Don't Scare) working at the bakery. This is a posed photo of them loading loaves of bread on a wheelbarrow outside the bakery.

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has four copies of this image:  PA-CH1-084c and CS-CH-099.1-.3.

Studio portrait of Etadleuh Doanmoe.

The caption reads: Etahdleuh

Studio portrait of Spotted Tail, a Sioux chief, described as being "after his return from Washington." 

Note: This image was sold by photographer J.N. Choate (#23 on his list of photos being sold). It is there that it is described as "after his return from Washington." 

Studio portrait of Left Hand, an Arapaho chief, with his son, U.S. Grant also known as Grant Left Hand. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society has four copies of this image: PA-CH1-064a and CS-CH-044.1-.3.  

Studio portrait of three male students and two female students posed with a white woman. The caption identifies them as "Miss Spencer and class." School records list Miss Spencer as an "Industrial Teacher" who was employed in 1880. This image is #36 on the list of Choate photos for sale published in 1881. 

A photograph of a studio portrait, identified as "Friday, a visitor to the Indian school." 

This photograph was taken by J.N. Choate, but the photographer of the original portrait is unknown. It may have also been Choate. 

This glass plate negative of Young Spotted Tail, eldest son of Chief Spotted Tail, seems to be an image of an earlier photograph. It is not clear if Young Spotted Tail ever visited Carlisle. John Choate may have taken this photographic print because he had lost or broken his own original negative of this image, but what is more likely is that the photographic print was the product of another photographer entirely, and Choate simply wished to make a copy for personal use or for sale.

Studio portrait of Iron Wing, a Sioux chief. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society has four copies of this image: PA-CH1-011b and CS-CH-036.1-.3.  

Studio portrait of Darlington wearing school uniform. 

Note: CCHS has three copies of this image: PA-CH1-032b and CS-CH-003.1-.2. 

Studio portrait of Alice Wynn (back left), Kisetta Roosevelt (back middle), Mabel Doanmoe (back right), Rebecca Big Star (front left), and Harriet Mary Elder (front right). All are wearing school uniforms.

Studio portrait of Benjamin Thomas (standing at left), Mary Perry (seated in center), and John Menual Chaves (standing at right). The boys are both wearing school uniforms. Perry is in a school-issued print dress.

Studio portrait of  Lucy Black Shortnose, Anna Laura, Justine La Framboise, and Nancy Renville, all wearing school-issued print dresses.

Studio portrait of Ruth (Looking Woman), Hattie Long Wolf, Anna Laura, Grace Cook, and Stella Berht.

Studio portrait of Nancy Renville and Justine La Framboise, both wearing school-issued print dresses.

Studio portrait of what appear to be two visiting chiefs with one male student.

Studio portrait of Nancy Renville and Justine La Framboise, both wearing school-issued print dresses.