The Images section features photographs, postcards, and different types of artwork, as well as reproductions of images that appeared in newspapers, magazines, and other publications. These images all reflect the Carlisle Indian School students, facilities, and staff. Images available here are drawn from files housed at the U. S. National Archives, from collections of Carlisle Indian School materials housed at various archival repositories, and from a variety of published sources. Visitors to this website are also invited to share copies of photographs from their own personal and family collections; please contact us if you have images you would like to contribute.

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Studio portrait of Tso-de-ar-ko, a Wichita chief, and Wild Horse, a Comanche chief, with Mr. Clark, an interpreter from Indian Territory. 

The caption reads: Tso-de-aiko Wichita Chief,         Clarke Interperter Ind Leg     Wild Horse Commnche Chief

The handwritten not on the reverse side reads: Number 17

The Cumberland County Historical Society has three copies of this image: PA-CH1-014b and CS-CH-053.1-.2. 

Studio portrait of Fanny and Dora both wearing school uniforms.

Studio portrait of Ruth (Looking Woman), Hattie Long Wolf, Anna Laura, Grace Cook, and Stella Berht.

Studio portrait of Sheldon Jackson (left), Harvey Townsend (center), and John Shields (right), all wearing native clothing.

The handwritten note reads: Pueblos   Harvey Townsend   Sheldon Jackson.

The Cumberland County Historical Society has three copies of this image: PA-CH1-19b, CS-CH-074, and 12-26-01.

Studio portrait of Anna Laura (Pretty Woman) wearing native dress. 

Note: This is an example of Choate taking a photograph of another photograph. Previous cataloging says she is wearing an elk-tooth dress, blanket, and dentalium shell earrings. 

Studio portrait of Justine La Framboise.

The handwritten note reads: Justine. The handwritten note on the reverse side reads: No 48 Justine La Framboise from Sisseton Agency Dakota

Portrait of Zonkeuh [probably standing at left], Owen Yellow Hair, Charles Kawboodle, and Dan Tucker posed in front of a building on the school grounds. All are holding bugles.

Studio portrait of David Blue Teeth (standing) and his sister Hope Blue Teeth (seated). David is wearing a school uniform. 

Studio portrait of Big Bow, a Kiowa chief.

Posed portrait of eight female students, presumably kitchen staff, and one staff member in the dining room with set tables.

Note: Three of these students are identified as Eva Pickard, Anna Laura, and Anna Raven.

Studio portrait of Lizzie Walton, probably wearing school uniform.

The caption reads: White Man Apache Chief    Stumbling Bear Kiowa Chief

Studio portrait of Nancy Renville and Justine La Framboise, both wearing school-issued print dresses.

Studio portrait of Ernest (Knocks Off) wearing a school uniform.

Studio portrait of Mary Ealy (standing at left), Jennie Hammaker (standing at right), Frank Cushing (sitting at left), and Taylor Ealy (sitting at right), all wearing native clothing. 

The printed caption on the reverse side reads:

No 20.   
Teai-e-se-u-lu-ti-wa - Frank Cushing.

Tra-wa-ea-tsa-lun-kia - Saylor Ealy.
Tsai au-tit-sa - Mary Ealy.
Jan-i-uh-tit sa - Jennie Hammaker.
 - Pueblos. 

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has two copies of this image: PA-CH1-044a and CS-CH-068.

Studio portrait of Hugh (Running Horse) wearing school uniform. 

Studio portrait of Frank Cushing (standing at left), Taylor Ealy (standing at right), Mary Ealy (seated in swing at left), and Jennie Hammaker (seated at right), all wearing school uniforms. 

Studio portrait of (back row, left to right): David (Kills Without Wounding), Nathan (Ear), Pollock Spotted Tail; and (front row, left to right): Marshall (Marshall Bad Milk), and Hugh (Running Horse). All are wearing school uniforms

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has six copies of this image: PA-CH1-021c, 10-B-07.1-.4, and CS-CH-065.

Studio portrait of Benjamin Thomas (standing at left), Mary Perry (seated in center), and John Menual Chaves (seated at right). The two boys are both wearing school uniforms.

The individual in this carte de visite has not been identified.

This image was shared courtesy of Robert R. Rowe.

Students and staff working in the harness-making shop at the Carlisle Indian School. They are identified as, from left to right: Lorenzo Chapman (instructor), Geoffrey Chips, Cheape Ross, Curtis, Lawrence, Edward Little, William Spotted Tail, Julian, Morgan, Henry Thigh, and Andrew. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society has three copies of this image: CS-CH-093.1-3.