The Workshops, c. 1895


The old cavalry stables were remodeled as workshops, and serve the purpose well, being convenient, compact and roomy. Carlisle was the pioneer in Indian industrial education and has followed an original system of its own - producing the clothing, shoes, etc., necessary for the students, and manufacturing wagons, harness and tinware for the Government. In all the shops as little machinery as possible is used, in order that each pupil may learn his trade in a way that will make him most skillful with his hands.

This image appears in United States Indian School Carlisle, Penna (Carlisle, PA: The School, [1895?]), p. 39. No prints of this image have yet been located. 

Because no prints or negatives of this image have yet been found, we believe this photograph was probably taken by student photographer John Leslie. 

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John Leslie (?), Carlisle, PA