Six Sioux chiefs with six male students [version 1], c.1890

Studio portrait of six visiting Sioux chiefs with six male students. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society has another copy of this image and they have made the folowing identifications based on comparison with other photos: back row, second from the left, Chauncey Yellow Robe, third from the left, Horn Pipe; middle row, from left to right, Quick Bear, High Hawk, He Dog, Hollow Horn Bear, and Good Voice. 

Previous cataloging interprets the handwritten caption for this image as containing the name Charles Smith. A Sioux student named Charles Smith did attend the school, overlapping with Chauncey Yellow Robe. He may be one of the other students here. 

Time Period
NAA_73427; Photo Lot 81-12 06820100
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA