Dexter Loco, Mabel and Rachel, 1884

Studio portrait of Dexter Loco (standing), Mabel Kelcusay (sitting at left), and Rachel Checote (sitting at right).

Note: Previous cataloging interprets the handwritten caption as reading: "Dexter Loco, Mabel and Rachel." Based on this information, we believe the two women to be Mabel Kelcusay (who arrived on the same day as Dexter Loco), and Rachel Checote. Comparison with other photographs confirms the identify of Rachel, however the identification of Mabel based on the photographs is less sure. 

Note: A researcher identfied the sitters as Dexter Loco, Rachel Tsikahda Morgan (left) and Mabel Navadokieh Jozhe (right), and that they were all Chiricahua Apache.

Time Period
NAA 73981; Photo Lot 81-12 06875300
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA