Unaccounted Expenses from Dr. Faulkner

January 16, 1882 - May 6, 1882

Richard Henry Pratt relays a copy of the last message he received from former Carlisle Indian School physician Dr. W. H. Faulkner regarding expenses accrued by Dr. Faulkner while returning two students to their homes at the Rosebud Agency. Due to delays Dr. Faulkner was stuck at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin where one student died. Pratt notes that there were concerns regarding the size of the expenses, and after consulting the Bureau asked Dr. Faulkner for further information. No response was received, and hence the funds have not been issued and Pratt is therefore is unable to close his yearly accounts. He requests further guidance on this matter.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 76, 1882-#8504
Unaccounted Expenses from Dr. Faulkner