Pratt Requests Enrolling New York Students to Carlisle

May 25, 1885

Richard Henry Pratt notes that he believes placing Carlisle Indian School students into white schools is a great benefit for the student. He notes that if it was possible he would like to have half the students at the school made up of white students to exert influence, but notes that this is not possible.. Along these lines he notes that he has received several requests from the New York Nations to send students to Carlisle and he believes this would be beneficial due to their advanced education.

A note at the top of the page made at the Bureau indicates that because the New York Indian Nations have access to the New York State school system that Carlisle and other boarding schools should be reserved for students who do have the same advantages in their home states.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 244, 1885-#11802
Pratt Requests Enrolling New York Students to Carlisle