Employee Positions and Salaries, 1903-1904

April 13-14, 1903

Richard H. Pratt submits his request for positions and salaries for the upcoming fiscal year, compared agains the list of position for the current year. The list includes position titles, the number of employees for each position title, and salary. Pratt requests $52,050 for employee salaries in 1904, compared to $50,930 in 1903. Names of employees are not included. Pratt also includes detailed notes regarding his request for position and salary changes for the 1904 fiscal year in the "Remarks and Recommendation" section.

This report also includes brief information about enrollment, indicating that there are currently 1,239 students.

Time Period
Standard Forms & Transactions
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 2277, 1903-#24285
Employee Positions and Salaries, 1903-1904