Disagreement about a Potential Nurse Raise

June 21, 1909 - July 1, 1909

Carlisle Indian School Superintendent Moses Friedman requests that the nurse's salary not be raised from $720 to $780 per year because "the work here is not arduous, there being a number of student apprentice nurses who render valuable assistance." In addition, the costs in food supply bids have increased between 5% and 20%. 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs R. G. Valentine informs Friedman that the nurse salary was increased because of a recommendation from Supervisor Murphy and because Carlisle is the largest school in the service. Valentine does say, however, that if Mercer is certain a raise is not necessary, they will not provide one.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #48894-1909-Carlisle-165
Disagreement about a Potential Nurse Raise