Delay in Transferring Apache Prisoners to Carlisle

May 26, 1888

William Endicott, Secretary of the War, replies to an Commissioner of Indian Affairs report on the transportation of Chappo and Go-So who are prisoners at Fort Pickens to the Carlisle Indian School. Richard Henry Pratt has indicated that while he is willing to enroll them at Carlisle but does not have the funds to transport them and suggests that the War Department furnish the funds.

Endicott notes that the War Department has never furnished funds to transport prisoners to Indian Schools. As a result he has ordered the students including three others who were not named to be held until the Interior Department makes an appropriation available for their transport.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 465, 1888-#13955
Delay in Transferring Apache Prisoners to Carlisle