The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 10)

June 1914

In the opening editorial comment section, Indians in public schools and the Carlisle Alumni Association were discussed. In the first article, former Carlisle Superintendent R. H. Pratt gave a history of how the school was founded and how its evolutions over 25 years. Next, H. B. Peairs of the U. S. Indian Service, discussed the reasoning and history behind the creation of Indian schools. Charles E. Dagenett, author of the next article, wrote about the students who returned to their Indian school, and covered why many of them leave in the first place. In the following article, Peton Carter wrote about the experience of Indians attending public schools, and how their numbers have grown. John Francis Jr. wrote about the importance of education for Indians in making them citizens of the U. S. Next, John B. Brown discussed the practice of gardening at an Indian school in Eastern Oklahoma. The final article, pulled from the North American Student, covered the temptations that athletes at Indian schools face.

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