The Documents section features digitized copies of documents relating to the history of the school.  These documents include correspondence, graduation pamphlets, and other forms of ephemera, and have been digitized by Digital Resource Center staff.  Today, these documents are preserved in a number of locations, including the Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections as well as private collections.

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Program for "The Captain of Plymouth," 1909

Date: March 29, 1909

The program for "The Captain of Plymouth," performed as part of the Commencement Exercises of 1909.  The program lists the various acts of the performance as well as the student actors.

Repository: Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections


Request for Enrollment of Max Mixsooke

Date: March 31, 1909 - April 5, 1909

These materials include correspondence regarding a request from Franklin Moses to enroll Max Mixsooke in the Carlisle Indian School. Moses' request was granted by Francis E. Leupp, Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration


Proposal to Change Appointment Procedures

Date: April 4, 1909

These materials include a letter from Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs Robert Valentine to Carlisle's Superintendent, Moses Friedman, proposing a change to how employment appointments are made for the Carlisle Indian School. Valentine suggested bringing Carlisle's appointment policies in line with the rest of Bureau, placing that responsibility on a central Bureau official.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration

Request for Return Home of James Henry

Date: April 5-15, 1909

This document contains correspondence concerning James Henry. The student had been diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was returned to his home in Sweet Water, Idaho. 

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration

Board for Students Attending Philadelphia Institute of Art

Date: April 9, 1909 - May 11, 1909

These materials contain correspondence regarding appropriations for the board of students attending the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration