The School News (Vol. 3, No. 9)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
February 1883
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The first page had a story told to Joshua Given (Kiowa) by his grandparents about a young girl who never touched the ground and one day chased a star into the sky. It also included a letter from Louis Big Horse (Osage) to his father in which he discussed planting fruit. Page two had an article titled “What Indians Must Have” by paper editor Charles Kihega (Iowa), in which he explained how Indians were overpowered by superior knowledge and weapons. Kihega also wrote about the importance of saving money. In addition, a short news article described how a telegraph line was broken.

Page three had the Items section, which included notes about how the school was closed for George Washington’s birthday, visiting Congressmen, as well as sewing school and drawing lessons. Libbie Porter requested an envelope and stamps to keep her picture in. There was a short article about Indians renting their land in Indian Territory. Page four had the conclusion to Louis Big Horse’s letter, and another letter from John Menaul (Pueblo) about the farms he was working on. There were also a small piece from John Shields (Pueblo) about a cold morning.

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