The School News (Vol. 1, No. 10)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
March 1881
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It opens with the conclusion to Roman Nose’s long journey to Carlisle. He explained how at Lee he learned to mow with a scythe and milk cows, before travelling to Carlisle Barracks, where he was happy to see other Indians following the “white man’s way”. Also on the first page is a small bit from Sophie Rachel (Nez Perces) on how she learned to make cakes, pies and candy while working at Mr. Miller’s house. This edition’s editorial spoke on the benefits of educating Indian girls, to quicker civilize Indians as a whole. Then there was a list of vignettes from the past month, including a girl seeing a picture of a frog and students writing home.

On Page three Roman Nose (Cheyenne) returned home to teach his people what he had learned at school, and Mary North (Arapahoe) wrote a letter describing all the house keeping things she has learned to so, such as running the dining hall and keep and room tidy. The final page had several letters from students talking about their trades, playing house, and working in shops.

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