The Morning Star (Vol. 4, No. 9)

Carlisle, PA
April 1884
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Page one had the speech Cap. Pratt gave at the National Convention of Superintendents of Education at Washington, D.C. He talked about how the solution to the “Indian Problem” was to give them all an education. Page two had an article on the relationship between the government and the Indian schools, as well as small pieces questioning who’s the true barbarian, the Indian or the white man, and a extract from a speech given by the Hon. E. J. Ellis.

Page three the school items which included things such as replacing school desks, and pictures in the hospital. There was also a article on visiting Osage Chiefs and information on the produce grown at the farm. Page four had reports on Indian Education from officials in charge of the Canadian Provinces. Several quotes from students’ letters and how the spirit has moved them were also on page four.

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