The Indian Helper (Vol. 7, No. 11)

Carlisle, PA
November 20, 1891
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The first page opened with a poem titled "A Thanksgiving Prayer," by D.H. Kent in Home Magazine, followed by "Fourteen Years a Missionary Among the Oneidas," which was the title of a letter to the Indian Helper from Rev. S. W. Ford, Oconto, Wisconsin. Page two included articles about the first Indian to be admitted to the Nebraska bar, Hiram Chase (Omaha), a former Carlisle student; Phoebe Howell's (Pawnee) anxiety at the upcoming nurse's training exams in Philadelphia; "Rules to Govern Thanksgiving Offer," regarding the Helper subscription contest; a visit from Dr. Aaron Rittenhouse; and former staff and associates' news.

Page three contained many small blurbs that included news that the Piegan boys were fixing up George Ell's grave; teacher activities, student activities including a basket made by Jane Kewaygeshik (Ottawa); the damage done by a recent cyclonic cloud northeast of Carlisle; student departures and arrivals; Capt. Richard H. Pratt family news; the Invincibles' entertainment; and the reshuffling of offices in the new administration building. Page four opened with an alphabet puzzle titled "A Thanksgiving Offer: FIVE DOLLARS CASH," followed by "Fifteen Rules for Girls," and concluding with a series of positive reviews of the Indian Helper.

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