The Indian Helper (Vol. 5, No. 20)

Carlisle, PA
January 17, 1890
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The first page opened with a poem titled "Hoe Out Your Row," followed by "A Worthy Example," that touted a fictional conversation between two boys musing on the accomplishments of Indian Commissioner T. J. Morgan. Page two included several articles and notices about country life for Outing students, news from the Omaha and Apache agencies, the merits of off-reservation education, the death of Wilkie Sharp (Pawnee) and the many hospitalizations due to a bout of La Grippe (influenza) at the school.

Page three featured many small notices about new arrivals from the Omaha Agency, Phoebe Howell's (Pawnee) transfer to nursing school in Philadelphia, a dramatic performance by Helen Clarke (Blackfeet actress) whose nephews were students, the replacement of faulty graphophones, as well as Mrs. Pratt's travels. A group of Sioux agents visited Gettysburg with Capt. Pratt, and numerous tribal headmen from five Sioux agencies toured the Mt. Holly Paper factory and the Steelton Iron Works and attended recitation programs by Carlisle Indian School students during their three-day visit.

Page four responded to the Sioux delegation chiefs' request that the Hampton and Carlisle school programs be set up on their home reservations, with "Can't Take These Things Out To the Reservation." The next article, "Which Should have the Best Chance for Education Indian Boys or Girls?" was a question answered by Commissioner Morgan. "One of our Happy Country Girls," reprinted a letter from Cora Poor-Bear (Arapaho) that described her country home and schooling on Outing. The page concluded with the weekly "Enigma."

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