The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 49)

Carlisle, PA
July 26, 1889
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The first page opened with a Longfellow poem "The Ladder of St. Augustine” followed by James Black Hawk’s letter about the Fourth of July at Pine Ridge Agency titled “In the Right Spirit.” Page one also contained “Doing His Duty,” about how a seemingly unrecognized worker was promoted because of his hard work. It continued on page four. Page two opened with “Pleasant News” that the Man-on-the-Band-Stand observed as he watched boys on Outing. There was also a letter from Martha Smith called “Encouragement,” and an article about Sioux land issues called “A Suggestion From One of Our Pupils.” Page three featured over a dozen one-sentence news blurbs that focused on school student activities, teacher activities, picnics, excursions, repairs, and general observations. Next came an article titled “Items from Students Returned to Their Agencies” that listed student news upon their return to their homes. Page four included an excerpt from Joel Cotter’s letter to the school, a farm boy’s description of haying in Bucks County, and a “Conundrums” riddle concluding with the weekly Enigma.

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