The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 41)

The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 41)
Carlisle, PA
May 31, 1889

The first page opened with a poem by Helen Hunt titled “Decoration Day,” followed by “A Regiment of Well Drilled Girls,” about the Elisha Kent Kane School in Philadelphia. The report described a fire drill in which 1100 girls as young as three years old, evacuated the school. Page two was filled with articles that included several advice-giving anonymous briefs one of which contained the maxim “Die as Indians and live as English-speaking citizens of America,” a graduation message from Hon. W. F. Hammond (Mashpee) of the Massachussetts Legislature, commencement visitors news, and a potato bug picking report.

Page three contained descriptions of excursions, visitor news, staff and student travels, parties and graduation-related activities, a poison vine attack on campus, a talk on his travels to Egypt and the Holy Lands by Robert McFadden, reprimands for untidiness, press repair information, essay competition winners, the importance of good posture, and graduation news items. Page four included an article about the tragedies of war, specifically, the Civil War; “Advice From an Old Man to His Son at School;” and the issue concluded with “A Riddle in Rhyme.”

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