The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 44)

Carlisle, PA
June 10, 1887
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This issue opened with a poem titled “HOW TO BE HAPPY,” reprinted from Selected. The next item which continued on page four was a travelogue of school nurse, Miss Wilson’s, trip to Scotland, an ocean voyage that lasted eleven days, titled “AN INTERESTING LETTER FROM MISS WILSON: All the Way from Scotland.” Page two opened with a column-long piece about the conditions and lack of work faced by students who return to their home agencies, followed by a similar article that encouraged returned students to “do right” despite the influences of others. The next article reported the death of former student Cyrus Fell Star (Sioux) at the Rosebud Agency. There was news about former students from the Pawnee and Osage Agencies, as well.

Page three contained news about hospital porticoes converted to rooms, Outing student news, students who returned to their home agencies, and a listing of activities that please the man-on-the-band-stand titled “THE OLD MAN SMILES.” Page four continued the first page travelogue and concluded with the PUZZLE CORNER and the answer to the QUESTION BOX question, “How do Indians become chiefs?”

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