The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 41)

Carlisle, PA
May 20, 1887
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This issue opened with a poem titled “BE CAREFUL,” followed by an account of how “Aunt Martha” nearly drowned near the Genoa School in Nebraska titled “AN INDIAN GIRL SAVED THE LIFE OF A TEACHER,” followed by a reprint from The Indian Citizen that extolled the competence of Indian boys. Page two featured small news items that included letters from Outing students Levi Levering (Omaha) and Rebecca Big Star (Sioux). There was also a list of contents from the monthly Morning Star and a letter from Warm Springs Oregon Missionary, R.W. McBride titled “Encouraging Words from a Recent Visitor.”

Page three listed a number of short news briefs with names of visitors, names of students who left for country homes, printer and blacksmith shop news, tinners’ roofing the new quarters, new choir improvements, speculation as to the identity of the Man-on-the-band-stand and a visit to the school by Pennsylvania’s Governor James Beaver and his sons. The fourth page included answers to four “QUESTION BOX” questions: Where is the answer to prior questions about mounting a horse, What is the religion of Indian boys, Do your Indian boys and girls ever get homesick, and How do you teach those who enter your school with no knowledge of English? The next article was called “Good Advice,” which was a temperance lesson, and finally, an admonition not to write on posted mail inappropriately. The page concluded with the weekly PUZZLE CORNER.

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