The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 37)

Carlisle, PA
April 22, 1887
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This issue opened with a poem titled “Kindness” followed by a reprint from the Word Carrier, “Manners” that compared ill-mannered behavior to animal traits and was intended as a lesson to Carlisle students. Also on that page was a paragraph reprinted from the Genoa Indian School describing a farming contest challenge between the Genoa and Pine Ridge Indian Schools. Page two contained news from the Genoa School, news from the Rosebud Agency about the baptism of Luther Standing Bear’s (Sioux) daughter, news from Etahdleuh (Kiowa) from Oklahoma, news from Amos Lone Hill (Sioux) from Pine Ridge Agency, and excerpts from a letter from the director of the Shingwauk School in Canada reflecting on his recent visit to Carlisle.

Page three included a series of brief news articles about students, faculty, visitors, baseball, and a recruiting trip for Apache prisoners to St. Augustine, Florida. The fourth page’s weekly “Question Box” asked about the length of study at the Carlisle school. The page also featured “A Teacher Hands in the Following in Answer to Last Week’s Puzzle Story,” the answers to last week’s puzzles, and an article called “The Man-on-the-Band-Stand Rebuked” which reprinted a letter received from J. F. B. Marshall. He contradicted the Man-on-the-Band-Stand’s sentiment from a previous Indian Helper article that the two former students would be better off completing their education at Carlisle rather than taking employment at the Crow Agency School, despite Superintendent Pratt’s recommendation to Mr. Marshall.

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