The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 34)

Carlisle, PA
April 1, 1887
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The first page opened with a poem titled “The Boy and the Bird,” author undetermined. The next article was titled “How the Indian School Girls in Sitka, Alaska, Got Ahead of the Indian Boys,” which concluded on the fourth page. Page two contained articles about returned students, John Davis (Pueblo) writing from his country home, and a piece called “Went East,” encouraging students to go Out on farms.

Page three included brief news shorts that included student news, visitor news, Alice Fletcher’s speech report, news of the band’s serenade to Mrs. Pratt on her return from New York and a note about the shipment of harnesses to the Rosebud and Cheyenne River Sioux agencies. The fourth page featured the “Question Box” which answered general questions about the school followed by the “Puzzle Corner” and ended with “From the Educational Home,” news of the home in Philadelphia.

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