The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 1)

Carlisle, PA
August 13, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "English Speaking," that discouraged students from speaking their native languages. The page also included an article titled "How Miss Fisher went to Call on the President's Wife," that described Mrs. Cleveland's dress and the decor of White House rooms in a visit by a Carlisle Indian School teacher. Page two contained a series of small news items about the cholera epidemic in Italy, how two men went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, Queen Victoria of England's new cabinet, the solar eclipse, and Geronimo’s raid in the southwest.

Page three described summer activities, the growth of the "little Indian baby," harvest activity, swimming, a picnic in the grove, whitewashing quarters, and playing lawn tennis. A girl was punished by being confined to the bandstand, there was a Saturday sociable in the sewing room, the Indian commission headed west to negotiate land deals and a warning was published about the danger of firearms. Page four gave the weekly Enigma and "Answers Wanted" puzzles, an article about "Ice-Houses" designed to cool off students that described an ice palace built for Empress Catherine of Russia, and a piece called "Ask the Price" that urged readers to know the cost of behavior, as well as the cost of items.

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