Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 1, No. 7)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
November 1880
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Page one had a report on the first year of operation of the Carlisle Industrial School, mentioning when students arrived, how many and where from. Also it described several trades the students were learning what how they were learning them. Page two had information about the Menomonee Agency and how more children were brought to Carlisle from there. Also on the page was a suggestion to include manual labor in the male seminary. Page three had the list of Home Items, mentioning health lectures, the school band, and the arrival of new students. Also on the page was an article contesting the rumors that the children of the Indian school were forcibly taken from their parents, reassuring readers that the parents were eager to send their children. There was also a metaphor on how the Indian children are like bees collecting education ‘nectar’ to bring back to their ‘hive’ agencies for the benefit of their families at home. Page four had a continuation of what the students were learning from page one, including religion, baking, and sewing. Several exhibitions made from by the students were also displayed and judged, many of them winning 25-50 cents for their work. There was also a letter from Bull Bear on how he sent his son to be educated. It also mentioned how Hampton school had 25 colored boys who were working their way through school.

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