The School News (Vol. 2, No. 7)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
December 1881
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The first page opens with a letter from Ruben Quick Bear to his friend Austin, reassuring him that it is okay to make mistake when learning a new language. There was also an article describing the students as “Reapers of Knowledge.” On page two, Sarah, a Creek girl, wrote about the cooking school, and complaining about people not washing their pans after they cook. Rosalie Ross (Cherokee) also wrote on methods to learning languages, citing two men who learned Dakota by not speaking English until they learned Dakota. Page three talked about how they made bread from wheat they grew on their farm, and had extracts from students’ diaries. They included extracts from Lucius Aitson (Kiowa), Joe Gunn (Ponca), Edgar (Sioux), and Peter Charko. The final piece on the page discussed Santa Claus coming to the school. Page four had an piece about a class discussion in which the boys tried to decide which hemisphere is the oldest, the teacher saying Eastern, as people were there first, while the boys figured neither, since the earth was all made at once. It also had a piece about a battle in Indian Territory.

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