Tenth Annual Report of the Carlisle Indian School

September 1, 1889

Richard Henry Pratt submits his tenth Annual Report for the Carlisle Indian School on September 1, 1889 to the Office of Indian Affairs. Included are statistics related to the school followed up a report from Pratt that provides a brief history followed by the enrollment statistics for the school year as well as an outline of the outing program and its benefits in assimilating Native Americans.

Pratt then goes on to describe the work done in the Industrial sections. This is followed up by a description of the traditional school work done students including the construction of a new building and all of the course work being done by the students at various levels. Pratt ends by discussing the health of students over the year as well as the public interest generated by the school.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 555, 1889-#26855
Tenth Annual Report of the Carlisle Indian School