Oconame Howerame, c.1887

Studio portrait of a student believed to be Oconame Howerame.

An apparently later handwritten note on a white label appears to read "Henry Acoyame." A name is written in faint, indecipherable handwriting along the side of the image. 

Note: There is no record of a student named Henry Acoyame. However, student Oconame Howerame has outing dates which match those of students identified in outing records as A-Co-Ya-Me and Oco-ya-me. Therefore, it seems likely that the handwritten note on this image is a misinterpreation of some variation of Oconame Howerame's name. 

John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA
Time Period: 
NAA 73947; Photo Lot 81-12 06871900