The Red Man (Vol. 8, No. 10)

June 1916

The first article, by George P. Donehoo, remembered the life of Sattelihu or Andrew Montour, son of Madame Montour, who spoke French, English, and numerous Indian languages and served British settlers in various capacities. Next appeared an article pulled from The New York Survey, which discussed peyote and its use among various Indian groups. The following article covered the events that lead to the "Black Hawk War" and published a speech of Black Hawk had made to his people. Frank G. Carpenter wrote an article about Father Duncan, a missionary sent to British Columbia. The article describes the Tsimpsean Indians as being "given over to cannibalism" and the efforts of Father Duncan to relocate the Tsimpsean to United States Territory. They were relocated to Annette Island in Alaska and named the settlement Metlakahtla, after their previous home. The following article, which appeared in Country life in America, discussed "The Indians as Gardeners" and focused on the planting of corn, apple orchards, and other plants. The following article covered the Fort Hall Irrigation project in Bingham and Banock counties in Idaho. In the final article, which first appeared in the Overland Monthly, Howard C. Kegley wrote about a festival in Colorado that Utes and white settlers celebrated together.

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