The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 5)

January 1914

The opening article, written by George P. Donehoo discussed the famine that many Indians have faced in the past, and still continue to face. Next, Edna Dean Proctor wrote a poem entitled “Welcome to the Red Man.” Superintendent Moses Frieman, author of the next article, argued against the creation of universities only for Indians, and instead supported integrated schools with both Indian and white students. After this article R. W. Shufeldt wrote about his early recollections of the Navajo during his work as Post Surgeon at Fort Wingate, New Mexico. J. A. Gilfillan, author of the next article, recollected his experience with Ga-gan-a-wab, a blind Indian man from Leech Lake, Minnesota. In the final article pulled from the Boston Transcript, author Warren K. Moorhead covered the actions of the Indian Office towards education and fighting disease for Indian nations.

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