The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 4)

December 1913

The issue began with an article, written by Joseph F. Anderson, about his study of the Navajo and their way of life. The next article, pulled from the New York Herald, discussed government attempts to work with Indians to reduce the cost of beef and fight the beef trust. In a piece pulled from the United Press News the commissioner’s attempts to conserve and develop Indian property were mentioned. J. A. Gilfillan, author of the next article, wrote about an Na-bi-quan, an Indian he was acquainted with who became a Reverend. Archdeacon Gilfillan’s life and work with the Ojibway was the topic of the next article. Next, Arthur P. Wedge wrote an open letter to the North American Indian. The final article, written by Domitilla, discussed the Cahroc story of the frog and the fire. In the editorial comment section Indian employment was discussed, followed by brief descriptions of ex-students and graduate's lives after Carlisle.

Note: The Volume number on the cover is a misprint.

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