The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 2)

October 1913

The opening article, written by L. C. Bateman gave a history of the Indian nations of Maine, as well as an update on present issues. In the next article, Harvey E. Taylor discussed the advancement Indians have made due to education and training. He remarked on the 514 graduates of the school as successful examples of Indian education efforts. Next, E. Ashley wrote about the annual convocation of Dakota Indian, who are a part of the Episcopal Church, and how the Indians and the white men have come together. The next article, written by Milton Fairchild of the National Institution for Moral Instruction, discussed the proper conduct for Indian boys to use if they want to become gentleman. The final article by Minnie Moore Wilson, was about the Florida Seminoles and their history of protest against the advancement of the white man. Lastly, in the editorial comment section the recent appointment of E. B. Meritt as Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs was discussed.

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