The Red Man (Vol. 5, No. 9)

May 1913

In this issue of The Red Man, the articles correlate to commencement addresses given at the 1913 graduation ceremony. Superintendent Moses Friedman, author of the first article, listed the different commencement exercises. Doctor Nehemiah Boynton gave the baccalaureate address and spoke of his wishes that the graduating students prosper after leaving Carlisle. The following commencement speech given by Richard P. Hobson, a congressman from Alabama, gave suggestions for character building. The following two address given by Charles D. Carter and George Edward Reed respectively, discussed the Carlisle Indian School as a solution to the Indian problem, and the steady advancement of the school and the students over the years. F. H. Abbott and George Vaux Jr., both of whom spoke next, covered the efforts of the government to help Indians with their problems, and the need for the graduates to remain ambitious. The next commencement speech, by Robert Yellowtail explained the problems that many Indians still face. The final speeches, spoken by Reverend Louis Bruce, F. E. Parker, Charles Doxon, and Michael Wolf all wished the graduates the best of luck, and all speakers offered them congratulations. Also included in this issue, were a program of the event, the dinner menu, and a list of special guests.

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