Eadle Keahtah Toh (Vol. 1, No. 2)

Eadle Keahtah Toh (Vol. 1, No. 2)
Carlisle Barracks, PA
April 1880

Page one opened with a teacher reminiscing on his Time teaching in Carlisle. Also on the page was an article on the civilization of the Indians, comparing it to the conquests of Rome and their assimilation of less educated people. Page two opens with an article on older student, above age sixteen, coming to the school and how they adapted to school life and befriended their Classmates. Also on page two was an article about the school’s girls, giving the story about Kesetta, who came to Carlisle after being held prisoner after her tribe was massacred. Page three had a list of various outing, events and activities the students had participated in or that the newspaper was involved in. Also on the page was a story of a woman who befriended an Indian woman who had lost her baby, the two of them bonding over her own living child. The page ended with a list of donations the school received. Page four had a letter from Paul C. Tasit-Kopeta. There was also a letter from John D. Miles on the need to exchange the older students for younger children.

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