Kauboodle, Charles

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The School News (Vol. 1, No. 12)
May 1881

Number 12. Opened with a letter from Charles Kauboodle (Kiowa) to his cousin Laura, talking about what they’ve learned in school, their family, and wishing her a quick recovery from the sickness she has. Jessa Bent also had a few sentences on the desert published at the bottom of the page. The...

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
The School News (Vol. 2, No. 9)
February 1882

The firsts page what two articles on it. The first was by Johnson Lane about George Washington. The second was above various lost people and animals that the writer had met. Page two opens with Charles Kihega (Iowa) describing his tribe before and after coming under control of the agency....

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
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