William Archiquette, Belinda Archiquette, and Sarah Archiquette, c.1888

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Studio portait of William Archiquette, probably Belinda Archiquette (standing), and Sarah Archiquette (seated), in school uniform. 

An illegible handwritten caption along the side of the image probably reads: William Archiquette with his two sisters. 

Note: There is no evidence in the records that William had any sisters. It seems likely that Sarah was his sister, or a close relative, as they arrived on the same day. Based on the ages of other female Archiquette students, it seems most likely that the other girl (standing) is Belinda. (It is possible, although less likely, that it could be Libbie.) There is no indication of how Belinda (or Libbie) might have been related to William and Sarah. 

John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA
Time Period: 
NAA 73619