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February 24, 1888

The first page opened with a poem, "Sowing," followed by the article, "How the Letters Go," that described the process of express mail retrieval and distribution from trains. Then came a letter from former student John Dixon [Dickson] (Pueblo) who wrote about his experiences translating for and...

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 32)
March 29, 1889

The first page opened with a poem "The Voice That Wins Its Way" contributed by Hannah E. Wilson, followed by a piece called "From John Dixon" which was reprinted from the Albuquerque Indian School where Dixon (Pueblo) was employed as a carpenter and translator for Indian school recruitment. The...

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
Dorchester Inspection Report of Albuquerque and Returned Carlisle Students
April 21, 1890 - September 9, 1890

Daniel Dorchester, Superintendent of Indian Schools, returns documents related to returned Carlisle Indian School students. The documents mainly relate to the Albuquerque Indian School and an inspection that Dorchester conducted of the School that covers nearly all aspects of the school.


Format: Legal and Government Documents, Letters/Correspondence, Reports
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
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