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Carlisle Indian School Students Database at Gettysburg College

The Carlisle Indian School Students Database collection at Gettysburg College helps to identify students who attended the Carlisle Indian School from 1879 to 1918 and were mentioned by name in school publications. Users are able to search for students by name and locate the issue and page...

Carlisle Indian School Symposium

The Carlisle Indian School Symposium was held with the hope of "bring[ing] together Native and non-Native scholars, leaders, artists, and community members to share their work, concerns, and perspectives." To view videos, photographs, relfections, the program from the symposium, and more select...

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"Barbara Landis, Cumberland County Historical Society CIIS Specialist, presents a virtual tour of the Carlisle Indian School."

Finding the Lost Ones

This website features interactive storyboard content chronicling the lives of Jack and Kesetta (Lipan Apache), also known as the "Lost Ones." Audio and video content is combined with dynamic images and mapping to highlight various elements of Jack and Kesetta's lives, as well as the story of...

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"Indian School Outings along the Railroad, Carlisle to Gettysburg" a talk by Barbara Landis, CCHS Archives and Library CIIS Specialist, for the Wednesdays in Winter program. A presentation of the Cumberland County Historical Society.

Student Work from the Carlisle Indian Industrial School at the Cumberland County Historical Society

Some examples of academic work done by students while attending the Carlisel Indian Industrial School are housed in the collections of the Cumberland County Historical Society. The historical society has made some of those materials available online through their Carlisle Indian School History...

Xwi7xwa Library at the University of British Columbia

Xwi7xwa Library, located at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is the only Aboriginal academic branch library in Canada, and is dedicated to the study of...

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