The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 9)

May 1914

This issue of The Red Man covered the problem of Tuberculosis outbreak in Indian Nations. In the opening editorial comment section temperance and blood pressure amongst Indians was discussed. Dr. A. M. Wigglesworth, author of the first article, wrote about the passing of the Navajo medicine man. Next, E. B. Merrit discussed the major health concerns amongst Indians. In the following article, Dr. F. Shoemaker covered the phases of Tuberculosis and how best to change conditions to stop the spread. Then, Dr. John N. Alley discussed the efforts being made to treat Indian Tuberculosis patients at the Fort Lapwai Sanatorium. Tied to this, Dr. Jacob Breid wrote about the East Farm Sanatorium School and how it still allows sick patients the opportunity to receive an education. Next, Dr. Fred Dillon discussed the work being done at the Laguna Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Dr. Joseph A. Murphy wrote about his work on preventative medicine for Indians to stop the outbreak of Tuberculosis. Next, Elsie E. Newton discussed the importance of the field matron, a duty held by women that was vital in aiding sick patients. W. H. Harrison covered the trachoma problem amongst Tuberculosis patients. Dr. Harley Stamp, author of the next article, discussed his studies on blood pressure amongst Indians. The final article, by Dr. R. L. Russell covered the work done at the Toledo Sanatorium.

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