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Ai-sia-tiw-me (Comanche John) [version 1], c.1885

Studio portrait of Ai-sia-tiw-me (Comanche John). 

The Cumberland County Historical Society has two copies of this image: PA-CH1-095b and 13A-14-03. Their description states that this person was also known as Roan Horse, Apache, but that...

Format: Photographic Print, B&W

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society

Roan Horse [version 2], c.1885

Studio portrait of a visitor to the school, presumably a chief. He is identified on the reverse as Roan Horse from the Apache nation. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society's version of this image identifies him as Ai-sia-tiw-me or...

Format: Photographic Print, B&W

Repository: Swedish National Museums of World Culture