James Martin Student File

James Martin Student File

Student file of James Martin, a member of the Chippewa Nation, who entered the school on September 30, 1910 and departed on October 2, 1913. The file contains a student information card, a trade/position record card, medical/physical records, an application for enrollment, outing evaluations, a progress/conduct card, and an outing record.

Note: This document was found filed at the U.S. National Archives in the same folder as documents related to another James Martin (Osage).

Note: At the time of scanning at the U.S. National Archives, several documents in this student file seemed to relate to a different student, also named James Martin. Those documents have now been included with the James Martin file: NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 148_folder 5741.

Note: At the time of scanning at the U.S. National Archives, a document in this student file related to a different student, Louis Thompson. That document has now been included with the Louis Thompson file: NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 79_folder 3775.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1327, box 83, folder 3893
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