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Cemetery information and mortuary documents related to Samson Noran (Noran), a member of the Apache Nation.

Note: Samson Noran does not have a headstone in the cemetery today. A map of the cemetery in 1947 indicates that Noran was interred in plot D-12. Today, the headstone in that spot is for Ernest Knocks Off, son of White Thunder, who…

Descriptive Statement of Pupils for Chiricahua Apache Prisoners-of-War, 1886
November 1-9, 1886

These materials include a cover letter and Descriptive Statement of Pupils regarding 37 Chiricahua Apache prisoners-of-war transferred to the Carlisle Indian School from Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida, where a larger group of Geronimo's band remained imprisoned. The 37 individuals transferred to Carlisle represented a portion of all…

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