Goodale, Elaine

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The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 14)
November 12, 1886

The first page opened with a poem titled "A Fourteen-Year-Old Girl's Good Advice," followed by an article called "The Menomonees and Pottawatomies Dance: A Story by Lucy Jordan, Stockbridge, a pupil from Wisconsin," that told of an 1882 visit by dancers to her home agency in Keshena, Wisconsin. Page two included an offer of photographs for new…

Cumberland County Historical Society
Articles by Elaine Goodale and a Response by Richard Henry Pratt
April 1890 - July 9, 1890

Richard Henry Pratt forwards two articles by Elaine Goodale, Supervisor of Education among the Sioux, to Thomas J. Morgan. Pratt comments that Goodale fought the work of the Sioux Commission and is also opposed to off reservation schools as they deprive parents of a say in their children's education and then promotes school which would give her…

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