Friday, Hayes

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Note: As of June 2018, the remains of Hayes (Little Plume) have been disinterred and repatriated. They were previously interred in plot E-15.

Cemetery information and mortuary documents related to Hayes (Little Plume), a member of the Arapaho Nation.

Hayes (Little Plume) Student Information Card
Date of Entry:

Student information card of Hayes, a member of the Arapaho Nation, who entered the school on March 11, 1881 and died on April 15, 1882 while attending the school. Hayes was buried in the cemetery on the school grounds.

National Archives and Records Administration
Correspondence Regarding Mortality of Shoshone Agency Students
November 2, 1894 - January 24, 1895

Correspondence regarding statements made by Rev. John Roberts, missionary at the Shoshone Agency, regarding mortality of students from that reservation. Also included is a list of all students from the Agency sent to various schools including the Carlisle Indian School.

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