Eagle Feather, Lydia

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Lydia Biddle Eagle Feather Student Information Card
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Student information cards of Lydia Biddle Eagle Feather, a member of the Sioux Nation, who entered the school on October 10, 1886 and ultimately departed on June 21, 1897.

Note: Lydia was the daughter of students Ralph Iron Eagle Feather and Julia Iron Eagle Feather (previously known as Julia Good Voice). Her first "enrollment" at theā€¦

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Agency Update on Former Students Living at the Pine Ridge Agency
December 26, 1891 - January 4, 1892

Richard Henry Pratt forwards a copy of a letter from George LeRoy Brown, Acting U.S. Indian Agent for the Pine Ridge Agency, to the Office of Indian Affairs. In Brown's letter he provides an update and a character assessment on former Carlisle Indian School students he has met.

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