Cornelius, C. P.

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Thirteen male student printers [version 1], c.1886

Studio portrait of thirteen male students, all wearing school uniforms. The caption of this and other copies identifies them as working in the print shop. 

Other copies identify the students. They are: 

1. Bennie Thomas, 2. Lorenzo Martinez, 3. Willie Butcher, 4. C. P. Cornelius, 5. Dennison Wheelock, 6. Samuel Townsend, 7.…

Glass Plate Negative
National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Thirteen male student printers [version 2], c.1886

Studio portrait of thirteen male students wearing school uniforms.

The printed note on the reverse side reads: 1. Bennie Thomas, Pueblo Tribe, 2. Lorenzo Martinez, Pueblo, 3. Willie Butcher, Chippewa, 4. C. P. Cornelius, Oneida, 5. Dennison Wheelock, Oneida, 6. Samuel Townsend, Pawnee, 7. Richard Davis, Cheyenne…

Photographic Print, B&W
Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections