Reports on Leave of Absence

Reports on Leave of Absence
November 8, 1906

W. A. Mercer forwards applications for leave of absence for three employees: Lizzie James (cook), and Bertha Canfield (seamstress). Mercer also sends new and corrected reports on leave of absence for twelve employees: Wilson Charles (assistant carriagemaker), Beckie L. Goodyear (assistant seamstress),   M. S. Barr (nurse), Margaret O. Eckert (assistant matron), Sara Pierre (hospital cook),  Michael J. Gumbriell (assistant carpenter), Mollie V. Gaither (girls field agent), Charles C. Dillon (blacksmith), S. J. Nori (clerk), Arthur E. Schaal (clerk), Stacy Matlack (assistant disciplinarian), and Nellie V. Robertson (clerk).

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 3341, 1906-#100551